Inheritance Revealed: Prologue

Read the Prologue Here:         Cheryl A Hunter Inheritance Revealed Prologue


The novel is written in James and Arianna’s alternating POV. 

Arianna Sabini is twenty-five years old and a first-year professor finishing her PhD. dissertation and teaching at Weymouth University in upstate New York. She meets James Merden, a handsome and intriguing man who is at the university under the guise of writing a novel, but who is really there to get to know Arianna. As their relationship develops, it seems like everything in her ordered and planned life is falling into place. Then she is viciously attacked. Arianna awakens and must accept the reality of how her life is changed, forever. She discovers she is a vampire hunter, James is a vampire, and the mythology she teaches is not entirely fiction. With help from Giovanni, a rough and cranky old vampire hunter, Arianna discovers her inner talents, and she begins to unravel the mysterious family secret in her past.