The groundhog says Spring is around the corner

Join Athena this Spring as she navigates major changes in her life. She has writer’s block, her travel business is down, and her daughter is in a serious relationship and leaving the nest. When she travels to Texas to meet her daughter’s soon to be in laws, she rediscovers her love of horses and is writing again. But she did not need a Texas rancher who questions everything she does and who will soon be her daughter’s brother-in-law.

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Winter Weekend Reading

Arianna and James are in love, but there are a few problems. He’s a vampire, she’s a vampire hunter, and there is a group of vampires that want to kill Arianna for something in her family’s past.  She doesn’t know why they are after her, but she is determined to find out, and James is determined to help her at all cost.

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The Holidays are Coming

A Glass Ornament Christmas is only $.99 for a limited time.

This is an Historical fiction Christmas story set in 1896 in a fictitious town just outside of London. Shayla is a glass artist who is determined to be an independent new woman.  She has been commissioned to make glass ornaments for the new Duke’s Christmastide Ball. Her focus is on her work, but then the new youngest brother, Adam, beings working in the shop and things really heat up.  There is a bonus get ready for the holidays section at the end of the story.

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Her Unexpected Adventure is only $.99

Athena Romano is an independent woman who is at a crossroad in her life. She has writer’s block, her travel business is down, and her daughter, Aria, is leaving the nest. When Athena visits Texas with her daughter to meet Aria’s boyfriend Trevor’s family, Athena finds the inspiration she needs to begin writing again. She also rediscovers her love of horses and begins to feel back on track. However, Athena’s patience is put to the test by Troy, Trevor’s oldest brother, who is a rancher and independent contractor. Troy questions Athena’s choices and pushes her out of her comfort zone at every turn. Find out if Athena will continue running, or if she will make changes in her life to achieve happiness.

Ebook is only $.99 for a limited time.  It is also available in paperback and to read Free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Christmas in July Special

Historical Holiday Fiction!

Shayla is a glass blower living in Canterbury Corner, a short train ride from London in 1896. Many exciting things are happening in her life. She is part of the growing trend of independent modern women, and she has just secured a commission for glass ornaments for the new Duke’s Christmas Eve ball.  She has her future figured out until Adam, the Duke’s youngest brother, walks into her workshop. This Christmastide is going to be exciting.

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