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Glass Ornament Christmas is an Historical Fiction novel set in 1896 in Canterbury Corner, England. This is a time of social and technological change in the world. Shayla is a young woman who is an exceptional glass blower. She works side by side with her father and uncle, and this year,  the new Duke selected her ornaments as favors for his first Christmas Eve Ball.  She works tirelessly on the ornament commission and has little time for socializing until the Duke’s youngest brother walks into her workshop. Adam is a recently discharged soldier, and he is captivated by Shayla and glass blowing. Can the two work together and complete the commission and still find time to fall in love? Find out in Glass Ornament Christmas. Only $.99 for a limited time.

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Her Unexpected Adventure is a story that takes culminates at the holidays. Athena is at a cross road in her life. She lives on Cape Cod Massachusetts. Her travel agency business is down, but her writing career is beginning to flourish. That is until she has writer’s block. For some reason, she just cannot finish her book. Her daughter, Aria, asks Athena to travel to Texas to meet her boyfriend’s family. At first, Athena hesitates, but she agrees to go because it is so important to her daughter.  When Athena arrives in Texas, she rediscovers her love of horses on the Young family ranch, and she is writing again.  There’s only one complication, Troy, Trevor’s older brother. He annoys and intrigues Athena at the same time, but with Aria’s wedding to plan and work, she has no time for romance. Now the holidays and the wedding are upon her, and Athena is faced with decisions about her future. Will she walk away from Troy or try to build a life with him across the country? Find out in Her Unexpected Adventure. Only $.99 for a limited time.

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EBooks are $.99 each from October 13 – 16

The Inheritance Series is a story of self discovery. Arianna is a 25 year old woman who is viciously attacked. She awakens and discovers she is a Vampire Hunter, her boyfriend is a Vampire, and the Mythology she teaches is not entirely fiction. She also has unusual abilities, and there is a mystery in her family’s past for which some vampires want revenge.  Arianna rejects her new life, but can she run from reality forever?

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Inheritance Revealed EBook is FREE Oct 1st and 2nd

A nontraditional vampire story of personal growth and discovery. Vampires exist in the world, and humans do not know they exist. Arianna Sabini is 25 years old and just beginning her teaching career at a university in upstate New York. She has always felt that she was different, and when she awakens after a vicious attack, she discovers she is a Vampire Hunter. Now, her life is forever changed. She has unusual abilities and there is a mystery in her family’s past. Oh, and her boyfriend is a Vampire.

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September 12th Launch Day for Inheritance Accepted

Inheritance accepted is on sale for $1.99 as part of the book launch.  It is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

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Arianna and James’ happiness is once again threatened by the mystery in Arianna’s past surrounding her great grandfather. When a new opportunity to uncover answers comes along, Arianna, James, and Giovanni head to Montana. Now, with new threats, wolf shifters changing the balance of power, and the growing need to find answers, Arianna must decide whether she will finally accept her role in the supernatural world.

Free Book – Extended Edition Inheritance Revealed

You may have downloaded or may have read on Kindle Unlimited the older edition of Inheritance Revealed. If so, please download the extended edition which includes the prologue, additional chapter, and extra material.  It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. This book is part of the Inheritance Series. Book #2 Inheritance Accepted will be released on September 12th.

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From July 13 – 17, Glass Ornament Christmas (ebook) will be Free on Amazon for Christmas in July.

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This Christmastide will be one to remember for glass blower Shayla Toselli. The Duke has commissioned her to create glass ornaments for the guests at his holiday ball. She has a lot of work to do and no time for distractions. Then Adam, the Duke’s brother, comes to work in the family glass shop, and the temperature rises in more ways than one.

Summer Beach Read

Her Unexpected Adventure ebook is only $1.99 for the Summer. Read for Free on Kindle Unlimited. Paperback also available. This is a full length novel.

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Athena Romano is an independent woman who is at a crossroad in her life. She has writer’s block, her travel business is down, and her daughter, Aria, is leaving the nest. When she visits Texas with her daughter, she finds the inspiration she needs to write again, and she rediscovers her love of horses. But Athena’s patience is put to the test by Troy, a Texas rancher and independent contractor who questions Athena’s choices and pushes her out of her comfort zone. Adversity eventually turns to attraction for the pair, but there are too many complications and only one thing for Athena to do. Run back to Cape Cod. She tells herself that she cannot get involved with a man who lives on the other end of the country and who will soon be her daughter’s brother in law. Find out if Athena will continue running, or if she will make changes in her life to achieve happiness.

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