Craft Fair Fused Glass – Sugar Plum Fair Customers

Prices do not include shipping. Pick up is available at the church. I will drop off items, and you can arrange to pick them up. If you wish items mailed to your home, I will do so at the minimum cost and purchases will be combined. I will use priority mail and a flat rate box if possible.

Some items such as the Trees, Wreaths, necklaces I have multiple available. Some items are unique. I will update the pages as items sell. I am also filling orders quickly, so if something sells out or you need more than I have listed, email me and I will make the pieces.

Payment can be made through PayPal or using a credit card through Square. Email me the information listed below, and I will send you an invoice.


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Item namePriceQuantityTotal

Fused Glass trees are approximately 5″ high by 4″ wide at the bottom. Select Color: Clear or Green and Clear. Price each: $16.00 – many trees available
Fused Glass Wreath with Red Bow. $16.00 each many available
NH Glass Ornament $12.00 many available
4×4 Inch Fused Glass Tree on a white stand. Comes with an electric tea light. (A votive candle and holder can also be placed behind the glass) $15.00 each (3 available)
Side view of tree on stand and wreath on stand
4X4 inch f=Fused Glass Wreath on a White Stand. Come with an electric tea light (you can add a votive candle in a holder behind) $15.00 each (3 available)
4X4 inch glass Field of Flowers Suncatcher. Available in pink flowers or blue flowers. $12.00 6 available
Sun set Palm trees. Available in small 4X4 inches $12.00 and medium 6X6 inches $16.00.
4X4 inch Sea Turtle underwater scene on turquoise glass. The image is representative. The scenes vary slightly. $12.00
4X10 inch Cactus Suncatcher $18.00
Sea Turtle on sanded stand with sea shells. I have several available. If interested I can send additional pictures. $30.00
4X4 inch Fall Trees Suncatcher $12.00
4X4 Harry Potter Sun Catcher $14.00
4X4 inch White Flowers Sun Catcher. $12.00
Owl 22 inch pendant necklace, Available in white, teal, oink, and white owls. $10.00 Fused glass with charm
Palm Tree 22inch Necklace $10.00 Fused glass with charm
Sea Turtle Fused Glass and Charm Necklace. 22 inch chain. Photos are representative. $10.00
1X2 inch fused glass sun catcher. Select Blue Bonnets, Flowers, Palm Trees. $8.00 each
5X10 inch Sea Turtle Scene on Aqua Glass. This is a unique piece. $30.00
Palm Trees on Blue and While swirled glass. Unique Piece $25.00 4X5 inch Sun catcher
4X5 inch fused Palm Trees on Blue swirled Glass. Unique piece. $25.00
Clay and Glass Sea Turtle. Only three available. $12.00 each 3 available
6X6 inch Sail Boat Sun Catcher. $16.00
Palm Tree Wave 5X10 inch. Unique piece $25.00
6X6 inch Pink Flowers Sun Catcher $15.00 each. Two available 8X8 inch also available $18.00
9″ wavy glass bowl. The glass sheet is first made and fired and then slumped in a second firing. $30.00 3 available.
7″ glass platel. The glass sheet is first made and fired and then slumped in a second firing. $25.00 3 available.
4X10 inch glass on a stand candle holder only 1 available – $20.00
6X6 Sunset Palm tree candle holder – 1 available $20.00
5X6 inch hex free standing candle holder. Palm tree or Lighthouse – $15.00 each
6X6 Semi circle snow scene candleholder 6 available $15.00
used glass sun catcher with real sea shells $12.00 4 available
Fused glass sea scene with reeds $12.00 each – State which number you would like
6X6 Blue ocean with sea grass $15.00
6X6 blue glass with fused sea turtle eating a jellyfish $20.00
6X6 Pink flower sun catcher $20.00
4X4 pink and purple flowers $15.00
No bow Unique trees – State which one you would like Smooth fused glass $15.00 each a bow can be added if you wish
Velvet Red bow Unique trees – State which one you would like Smooth fused glass $15.00 each
glitter bow Unique trees – State which one you would like Smooth fused glass $15.00 each
Black hat Snowman State which on you would like. $10.00 each
Smaller snowmen State which one you would like $9.00 each
Bird on a branch 2 available state which you would like $5.00 each
5X10 inch Sun catcher. State red ornament first or green ornament first $20.00
4X10 inch lake and snow scene $20.00
Opaque white snow scene hanging piece $12.00